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Digital Book Editing by Cate Baum

I picked up Digital Book Editing because I, as a self-publishing author, often need assistance when it comes to the more technical parts of my job. Also, Cate happens to be my employer at SPR. In my time as an employee at the Self-Publishing Review, I have, through personal experience, found Mrs. Baum to be an incredibly knowledgeable woman who is good at what she does. So, I had it on good authority (my own) that this self-help book would actually, you know, help.

And that is exactly what this book does. Restructuring my manuscripts has never been easier. Cate lays step-by-step instructions out for easy consumption. Even I, a notorious technical invalid, was able to follow her directions. The end result? I now have converted e-book files for my books that look far more professional than I would ever have managed to create on my own. Cate is a professional editor, and her advice is just that – professional.

There are, of course, other helpful hints in Digital Book Editing, such as useful information on spelling, grammar, and characterization. All of these portions deliver information vital to publishing and commercial success. She does get a bit snarky with some of her examples, but I’m certainly not going to blame her for that. As an editor for self-published authors, she gets to see both the best and worst that publishing has to offer. (By that, of course, I mean that she gets to see some good writing and a LOT of truly terrible writing. She deserves to get a bit snippy about certain criminal writing offenses that she is forced to see over and over and over…)

In summary, this is a resource I wish I’d had when I published my first manuscript. It would have saved me a lot of trouble down the road. If you’re looking for a way to better your writing, formatting, and editing skills, this is the book for you. Don’t waste your time poring over the internet for spotty information – pick up Digital Book Editing and find it all in one convenient place. You’ll get facts, advice, and non-negotiable instructions on how to become the best author you can be.