About Dakota

Despite his mother’s repeated insistence that he “be normal” so as not to frighten others, Dakota became an author, and that may be the smallest of his eccentricities. After all, he’s saved the galaxy with his sidekick Garrus Vakarian on fifteen occasions, narrowly survived a perilous quest amidst the Fae, and foiled the assassination attempts of various rival wizards. He’s even held the door for a princess or two.

In conversations, Dakota can be counted upon to deliver a RWBY quote that almost no one understands, and his snappy Red vs. Blue one-liners are never properly appreciated either. To mitigate this social ineptitude, he spends his days hiding in his batcave or, when the batsignal beckons, shouting at random people on the street about the power of stories.

Seriously. Campfire tales were one of mankind’s earliest activities. Humans need fiction in their lives to survive.

Dakota writes gritty science fiction and epic fantasy for audiences with a taste for bold stories of magic and adventure. These are the best kinds of people in his clearly unbiased opinion.

When he’s not engaging in fantastic tomfoolery, Dakota serves as an officer in the U.S. Army, because protecting his country and serving others is more important to him even than dragons. And dragons are super important.


5 thoughts on “About Dakota

    1. Dakota Kemp Post author

      Hey, BQB! I assume this is for your new “Fridays with BQB” segment? I’d be honored to be hosted by a yeti-fighter who has gathered a whole 3.5 readers!

      I am on twitter, but I’m pretty unfamiliar with it. How about shooting me an email with the specifics? Send it on over to dakota.kemp@hotmail.com.

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