About Dakota

Dakota Kemp was born in December 1990 in Liberal, Kansas, and grew up in the Oklahoma Panhandle.  Throughout his life, Dakota has been an avid reader and science fiction/fantasy fanatic, and when he wasn’t busy participating in football, basketball, track or working on homework, his time was spent with his nose in a book.  At the age of fourteen, he began writing stories of his own, enthusiastically encouraged by his junior high and high school English teachers.

After graduating from Fairview high school in 2010, Dakota attended college at Southwestern Oklahoma State, where he pursued a degree in Parks and Wildlife Law Enforcement.  His love for stories inspired him to start writing again, and he finished his first fantasy novel, The Arrival, while still at university.

Dakota graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 2014 and has continued to write.  The Arrival has since been published and is available on Amazon.com.

Some of Dakota’s hobbies include stargazing, playing sports, bingeing on his latest obsession, playing video games, reading, writing, and enjoying life with his friends and family.  He is excited about any good yarn, and loves storytelling in any genre, whether it be in literature, on the stage, in film, in video games, or even a good ol’ fashioned campfire tale.

Dakota lives in Oklahoma with his family.


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