Author Interview With the Self-Publishing Review

As a part of the celebration for the Full Moon book awards, the Self-Publishing Review conducted author interviews with the winners of the three Full Moon categories – Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

I was ecstatic when The Arrival won the Fantasy Full Moon Award, and I couldn’t have been more delighted when SPR co-founder Cate Baum asked if I would be open to an interview.

Here’s the opening portion:

Cate – “Dakota Kemp is the winner of the Full Moon Awards 2014 Fantasy Prize for his book, The Arrival.  Dakota hails from the Oklahoma Panhandle in the US.”

Cate – “Tell us about your winning book.”

Dakota – “The Arrival is an epic, medieval fantasy set in the world of Vrold.  The plot weaves the lives of several different characters into one tale, centered around an investigation into a series of deadly attacks that has plunged two powerful city-states into war.  I like to think that The Arrival has something for every reader because it’s as much a mystery, drama, action/adventure, military epic, spy thriller, and comedy tale as it is a fantasy novel.  The protagonists range from a sorceress/detective to a hard-edged mercenary to an enthusiastic history professor, and the plot, characters, and locations are all wrapped in a world of enigmatic mythology and electrifying peril.”

To read the rest of the interview, visit SPR’s site here:

In the meantime, I’ll see if I can get permission to post the interview in its entirety.  Further topics in the interview include insights into self-publishing and a look at my personal experience in writing, editing, and publishing.

I hope everyone finds my musings interesting and/or helpful.

2 thoughts on “Author Interview With the Self-Publishing Review

  1. Annette Kennedy

    Congratulations!!!!!!! If you can get this totally non-reader to read you have accomplished a great feat. Loved the novella also. My kind of book. Keep these books coming. Would love to know what Shrike will get himself into next.



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